2019 Renault Clio

The new Renault Clio has actually been captured by our photographers for the very first time. Keep reading for all the latest specs, release date and cost for Renault’s Ford Fiesta alternative. These are the first photos you’ll have seen of the new Renault Clio, taken when the car was carrying out screening in Spain.

Best 2019 Renault Clio Image

2019 Renault Clio Price and Release Date

The 2019 Renault is likely to be launched at some point next year with a beginning price of around ₤ 13,000, increasing to around ₤ 20,000 for top-of-the-range model. Specs will include a high-tech interior and tiny engines with excellent fuel economy and peppy efficiency. Don’t want to wait for the Clio to strike showrooms? Because case, have a look at how much you can minimize the existing Renault Clio.

2019 new Renault Clio Styling

Despite all the camouflage on car in these latest photographs, it is clear that the new 2019 Renault Clio will be styled to match the most recent Renault Megane– a truth verified by the horizontal grille rungs that are only partially concealed by plastic tape. You can also see that the new Clio will get the Megane’s beak-like front end and the same piercing headlights with distinctive, J-shaped LEDs that fall to the top of the front bumper.

Take a look at the car in profile and it seems likely that the new Renault Clio will have the very same hidden rear door manages you get on the current model. That permits it to have the sportier looks of a three-door car, while still providing the great rear-seat access you can only get with five doors. Chunky wheel arches and large pillars will assist the car look solid and you’re also most likely to get a mock air vent above the front wheels for stylish appeal.

Predicting the car’s rear-end styling is trickier– even the tail lights of the pictured test car have actually been masked over with camouflage. That said, you can tell the new Renault Clio will get a boot-mounted spoiler that needs to somewhat improve fuel economy and is likely to get an LED light strip that wraps around the rear of the car, much like you’ll see in the Megane. This test car likewise appears to sport a reversing camera, which will make the 2019 Clio a doddle to park.

2019 Renault Clio Interior

You are likely to see that the biggest changes have been made to the 2019 Renault Clio interior, however, where it’s expected to get a huge, portrait-style infotainment screen. That’ll make it special for a car this size and– to make the most of it– Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are likely to be fitted as standard. As a result, even if you do not pick a top-of-the-range model with integrated sat-nav, you’ll still have the ability to get navigation by using an app on your phone by means of the car’s big screen. That all being said, entry-level models will likely do without the expensive screen to keep costs low.

Best 2019 Renault Clio Engine HD Image

Since the Clio’s touchscreen will be used to manage the radio and sat-nav, standard knobs and buttons will be scheduled for the ventilation system– making it simple to change when you’re concentrating on driving. That’ll offer the new Clio’s cabin a tidy design, leaving area for expensive trim pieces and cool state of mind lighting.

Aside from looking posher than the current model, the new Renault Clio need to likewise provide slightly more area in the front. All cars will get lots of change in the guiding wheel and motorist’s seat to accommodate a range of heights easily.

Your rear-seat travelers will likely observe a much bigger difference– the current Clio comes up short on head and knee room so you can anticipate this new model to make noticeable enhancements. Cars of the new Clio’s size– such as the Volkswagen Polo and SEAT Ibiza– can conveniently accommodate 4 six-footers, so you would expect the Renault to do the same. To match those cars, the new Clio’s boot will have to have the ability to swallow 3 luggage and a couple soft bags with its rear seats up, and a bike with both its wheels attached with the rear seats folded away into the flooring.

2019 Renault Clio Specs

The new 2019 Renault Clio will be provided with an option of petrol and diesel engines. Rumours that the car will likewise be readily available as a petrol-hybrid are possible however have yet to be verified. And anyhow, the entry-level 90hp 1.0-litre petrol engine must be plenty penny-wise enough– it will be capable of fuel economy of around 60mpg and nippy performance in the area.

If you frequently drive on the motorway then you’ll perhaps wish to think about the new 150hp 1.3-litre petrol engine, which will make the Renault Clio feel pretty brisk while getting near the 1.0-litre model’s economy. If you want even better fuel economy, though, you’ll wish to think about the 90hp 1.5-litre diesel model that must be capable of returning nearly 90mpg. It’ll feel effective on the freeway when totally loaded, but you’ll need to have a really high-mileage to recover the cost to buy over the fundamental petrol model.

 2019 Renault Clio Design High Resolution Photo

In terms of security technology, you can expect the new Clio to come fitted with automated emergency situation braking as requirement. Top-of-the-range models will be readily available with lane help and active cruise control– so the car will be able to drive itself in a straight line, while you keep your hands on the guiding wheel.